Confusing Emotion


 A question asked….



Do you think that subs confuse submission with love? Is it possible to need to submit because love is there? Is it possible to love someone because they submit?


Do you think dominants confuse dominance with love? Is it possible to need to be dominant because love is there? Is it possible to love someone because you control them?



I would think that the answer to both questions would be ‘yes, they do confuse love with submission, yes, they may , can & some do love because they submit, yes Dominants can, may & some do confuse Dominance with love.


Personally, with my own Dominance, I do  love as part of my dominant role, The two are tied together in a sense. I also believe that love does effect my dominance, how I dominate my submissive.

Because i do not ‘Dominate ‘ any other submissives,, that My role of ‘ Dominant ‘ is with one submissive, the aspects, the conditions are all combined within O/our relationship.


With that being said, I’ll make the point that the status of a relationship, determine the aspects of the dominance & submission between the people involved. If youre in a committed relationship, having a D/s aspect within that committed relationship…youre bound to have the emotion of love greatly effect the roles of Dominance & submission.


I couldn’t say much about those who ‘play scenes’ or engage in a D/s act or environment. Without having a committed relationship with the O/others in that scene or environment , I’m not sure that the emotion of ‘Love’ plays a factor.


I think… that most of us are in the D/s lifestyle with someone who W/we are in a committed relationship. With that, comes love and many other emotions, and they ALL play a part in the D/s aspect of said relationship.


To get a bit deeper into an answer to the questions of do the T/two Dominate or submit because they love or love because the submit…

I think that the two are naturally entwined… … At least with My & Mine experience …. it just is this way. I cant imagine Dominating anyone without having an emotion tied with it. At least in a relationship, a committed one that is. I couldnt merely ‘play the role’ with any submissive. Because the ‘role’ for me is an emotion, something deep within myself.

I doubt that My submissive could ‘play’ the role with any other Dominant, because her submission to Me is tied with her love/.


O/our D/s is naturally independent yet, reliant on the other. W/we bring out whats deep within E/each other naturally.


Are W/we naturally Dominant or submissive in O/our life away from each other.? ..Or in public or the vanilla world… Yes to a point anyways. At a certain degree. But at a level respect, fitting to the environment … the level of social level that the relationship may be…ie; friends, associates, co-workers..etc….

 Love plays as much a part of a dominant or submissive as any emotion..if not the main emotion.

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