Just tried Roasted Garlic Hummus

Okay, so I’ve seen enough commercials about hummus being used a a chip dip. I’ve never had Hummus ever. I’ve been curious, however never went as far as to sample some.  Hummus seems to be becoming increasingly more popular as of late… or is it just me catching up with everyone else  ..?

Well anyways, yesterday while doing some shopping with my submissive for the weekend meal list, I seen this isle in the deli section with several selections of hummus. Various flavors were available for the choosing.  So I browsed the selection feeling a little brave to try something new.  Why not right? Gotta be open minded if you wanna experience the world right..?

Okay, now for truth or defeat…. or whatever you wanna call this…..

I’m hungry for a snack, tortilla chips & dip sound wonderful… the only dip available is this hummus I bought yesterday.. well besides the wife’s french onion, & I’m not touching that… there’s just some things that are her little treats, so she’s a bit protective of her privileges… *Grinz*

Out comes the hummus…

I open it up….. take a lightly inhaled wiff….. Hmm not bad. It’s the roasted garlic flavor.

( yes I love garlic )

I take a tortilla chip & take a moderately portioned dip into the unknown.. this hummus…

A bite…. some chewing and tasting……

Well fuck me !

It’s fucking delicious!

The submissive watching me chomp away at the tortilla & hummus dip..

a smart ass comment …oozes from her pretty fuckin lips…

“You have some white shit all around your lips”

Yep, she’s brave isnt she. But thats okay…. I got some white shit for her too….

Is’nt it fucking amazing how this started with trying out some fuckin hummus, & turns into my dick getting hard by talking about white shit around her lips…..

Whats your rosponse?

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