How to tease him when he’s tied-up

Secret Diary of a Call Girl

I get clients into bondage once in a while. They ask to be tied up to the bed post and I do all the work. Some women tie their men to tease them- just to be fucked rough when the men are freed from bondage. But it’s up to the woman to get him worked up, which begs the question: What do you do to a tied-up man?

Step 1: Tease him, work his appetite. We’re not giving him the main course (sex) without the appetizer: a striptease. Make sure you have nice lingerie on. Nobody wants to see you undress out of your ratty old shirt and underwear with skid marks. Nothing turns a man off faster than nasty panties with menstrual stains on it. 

Step 2: Lick the lollipop. Don’t go too deep if you just want to tease. Once I deep throated too much and he was…

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