Dominance & submission … being Real

I’m going to just write.. I have an urge to just let my fingers roll across the keyboard letting out whatever comes out. I haven’t even written the damn title to this one yet….


So her it goes…….


Dominants are ordinary, everyday people. Dominants can be female or male. They can have jobs where they follow orders and jobs very demanding They can have a very demanding high paying job where they’re charge or they can have a blue collar job. They can be wives or husbands, moms or dads, grandmothers or grandfathers, daughters or sons, so forth. They are real people with real lives, families, friends….


I am a Real Dominant every day of my life. Every day of my life is real, every thing I do is real.


The point I’m making is that for myself , my Dominance is just a real and a part of who I am as any other aspect of myself. I think, too often that people seem to think that those who practice any part of BDSM are ‘players in a game’. They place BDSM as an online role play , such as Dungeons & Dragons, or Halo, or whatever else you can think of.

Now for ‘some, this very well could be true, it is just a fantasy or role play adventure. However I believe that MANY people in the BDSM Life Style are in it as that… a Life Style. Key word ‘Life’


Think of it this way. There are those who practice a religion, that religion is a part of them, it’s ingrained, it’s a part of who they are. In fact, much of religion has a sense of Dominance & submission it it. My sister in-law has a sense of submission to her husband, however it is Faith-based, per their religion. It’s what ‘THEY’ believe…

It’s right for them. It’s who they are. However, when my wife confronted her sister with the fact that she (my wife) is submissive with me, she (her sister) took a shocking gasp. As if my wife’s submission to me is from a sense of abuse, controlling , under thumb sense. She (sister in-law) couldn’t grasp an understanding. As my wife tried to explain that it really isn’t much different than her own relationship with her husband, difference being is religion. I’m not sure if the sister in-law was able to understand even after my wife tried to explain..

Point being, my dominance, her submission is as a part of us as the sister in-laws relationship with her husband.


The thing is, my Dominance & my wife’s submission is a willing one. It’s a part of her that couldn’t be understood by the ‘vanilla’ society. It’s very real, as we are very real people with very real lives. We’ve managed to inter-grain our D/s into our ‘vanilla’ life. We live it every damn day. Even though we are still fairly new to the ‘Life Style’ we’re finding that it is comfortable, even relieving. We’re finding that it’s a sense of freedom to be who we really are deep inside….. & that’s very real.


Whats your rosponse?

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