30 Days of Kink – Day 19

Loved reading this..

Prescient Love

Over the past month, Rob and I have been experimenting with some BDSM. For the last few years or so I have expressed, rather vaguely and somewhat subconsciously, an interest in being dominated, and Rob decided to humor me. At least, I think that’s how we got started.

At whatever point I knew enough to put a label on what I wanted, I assumed “being dominated” was a thing I desired purely for sexual gratification. I regularly fantasize about being tied up or bound in some way, sometimes with rope, sometimes by people pinning me down (I particularly like that one, but I will save the details for another post). In truth, there have been times when Rob has been going down on me and I have been able to get off simply by pretending, with my mind AND with my body, that I cannot move an inch. I come…

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Whats your rosponse?

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