About U/us

Greetings & welcome to A Dominants & submissives Rants & raves.

W/we’d like to thank you for visiting U/us here on O/our blog. Here, w/we share O/our journey in this lifestyle. W/we may talk about the seriousness of D/s or whatever happens in O/our day in the life.

W/we only desire to merely make a journal, a diary of sort you could say of O/our own experiences.

Take what you like & leave the rest is the motto..

W/we’re not here to please or service anyone but O/ourselves with this blog,  however w/we do wish for you to enjoy the blog.  Your comments are welcomed, however W/we wont be swayed by negativity.

W/we follow several other blogs & youre welcome to take a look at those blogs as well.

Whats your rosponse?

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