My beautiful ‘slave’

My beautiful 'slave'

This is My beautiful slave ‘sweetcheeks’ on the day of O/our wedding. This was such a wonderful day for U/us & O/our children.
W/we had a moderate ‘sand ceremony ‘ at O/our local beach on the lake shore of Michigan.
I’m so very proud to have her as My wife & My submissive/slave.
Thank you Christy for being Mine.

A Path of Slave…


The other day, ‘Dear’ sent me a message referring to me as His “sexy little slave”… And let me just say, that’s all it took…. My mind took off at full gallop.

Over and over again, the same thought kept passing through my brain…” What are you?”

Now to most, this simple statement would have been chalked up to a very endearing sentiment. I even thought it was sweet for all of about 5 minutes. However after that first 5 minutes; with the way my mind works; I disassembled and analyzed it 5 different ways from Tuesday. Oh don’t get me wrong, I didn’t analyze the intent behind the statement, because I know that it was intended in the most loving and endearing way. What I analyzed was the fact that ‘Dear’ had actually referred to me as a slave. When did that happen, how was I a slave?

You see, since the beginning of O/our D/s relationship, I have always maintained the “submissive” title and position. Not because I felt there was anything wrong with being a ‘slave’, but mostly because I just didn’t believe that I fit it. After all; slaves give up everything, right? They give up all choice, and bend to their Master’s will. Therefore; since I still hold a lot of power being a mother and a wife, there is no possible way that I could be a slave. Or could I?…..

After some more thought, I realized that this wasn’t the first time that a reference was made in regards to my nature. No I haven’t actually been referred to as a slave outright, however; it has been stated that I have some slave-like qualities. So it got me to thinking. Maybe there is something to this… just maybe… could it be that my submission is transforming?

Possibly taking on a new level of transcendence?

Is that even possible?

I guess that will be something that I will have to delve a little further into, to find the answers that I seek.

~the submissive/slave~

**Picture Credit: (taken from Google pictures), I do not own the rights**


Master Lock, fits well.

Master Lock, fits well.

This photo is of My submissives daily collar. It’s a simple chain linked at the ends with a small ‘master’ Lock padlock. A little crude perhaps, however it does what it’s intended for. She’ll get a comment or question every now 7 then while out at the store or just out-n-about. She seems to enjoy wearing this, even with it being a ‘crude’ collar.
She’s worn a couple other collars which were a bit more ‘pretty’ , however…. she seems to enjoy just being in My collar. One thing I’ll point out is, whatever collar she wears of mine, they’re all ‘made’ from scratch , put together from various combinations of materials.
I’m planning on making one from scratch, by hand made from leather. I’m looking forward to seeing her in the leather collar..