My beautiful ‘slave’

My beautiful 'slave'

This is My beautiful slave ‘sweetcheeks’ on the day of O/our wedding. This was such a wonderful day for U/us & O/our children.
W/we had a moderate ‘sand ceremony ‘ at O/our local beach on the lake shore of Michigan.
I’m so very proud to have her as My wife & My submissive/slave.
Thank you Christy for being Mine.

My Turn (a shared story)

Do you wonder what it might be like to take on the ‘other’ side? Are you a switch? Do you ‘sometimes’ play the other role, just to keep up the excitement or just to remind yourself of what the other party goes through?


Heres a great tale I wanted to share….. I fukn loved the story.!



I’m the dominant in my relationship with Ona and I tend to be very strict. Ona enjoys being bound by me. I give her no choice. On our second date, I informed her that I was taking her back to my place, tying her up, and making love to her all night long. She simply raised her eyebrows and replied, “Really”. Ona left my house two days later. Ona (pronounced Own-ah) and I have been lovers for 3 years now. We met in Paris and she followed me to New York to begin her journey into sweet submission.

I am a graphic artist and enjoy a creative passion towards life. Ona works as an assistant to one of the top fashion designers in New York. She always dresses elegantly, if not provocatively, and turns the heads of both men and women when we are out together. Ona is tall and shapely…not over-weight mind you, simply exotic, voluptuous and delicious. She has deep brown eyes, long blond hair (and even longer legs) and is always wearing stiletto heels in one form or another.

Like many bondage couples, we exchange roles once a year and the anniversary date of this surreal event was approaching. We abstained from any sexual contact for about a week leading up to the anniversary, as was our custom. We also acted generally shitty to each other which served to make us both extremely anxious and horny.

Each year Ona shops for that special outfit. She knows my requirements for her wardrobe and my woman takes all measures to please me.

We chose a Friday evening of a long weekend for our yearly happening. Ona always takes this day off to prepare, and this is such a highlight of her year…I only allow her one weekend of dominance. Note: although Ona believes herself to be in control during our reversal experience, we both realize I hold the ultimate authority, and this is never questioned.

I arrived home at 6pm as usual. I sat in the car for a few minutes and meditated, to prepare myself for the drastic and sudden change I was about to experience. Suitably prepared, I opened the door to the house, and Ona’s imagination. She has learned much, and I have taught her well.

I entered the hallway just inside the front door and was met by the wonderful aroma of clove-scented candles…my favorite. The room was lit entirely by candle-light and sounds of the Amazonian Rain Forest were playing softly on the sound system. Ona entered the room wearing my floor-length black silk kimono with elaborate dragon design. I was allowed to remove the kimono from her exquisite body, and this ‘revelation event’ is my last act of control during the role-reversal. I lovingly and lustily surveyed Ona and was reminded again what a truly beautiful woman she is. Ona was completely naked except for a sexy black leather choker necklace, some wrist-length black leather gloves and a new pair of black kneehigh boots with stiletto heels.

I was made to strip under Ona’s supervision. She commanded me to remove my clothes slowly, so that she might enjoy the show. I was led to the dining room completely naked and seated at the head of the table. Ona fed me a delicious dinner consisting of an exotic pasta dish with red wine. The dessert was her wonderful, if simple, strawberry short cake with whipped-cream topping. She spoon-fed me, all the while whispering statements of devotion, counter-balanced by threats of pending punishment if I should disobey.


Following dinner I was led to the bedroom. My submissive experience was about to begin! Ona commanded me to sit at the side of the bed while she pulled her/my favorite pair of black biker boots onto my feet. It seems Ona has come to share my boot fetish! I was beginning to develop a nice erection as the feel of the leather boots sank into my feet and legs. Next, I was told to stand and face away. Ona latched strong handcuffs onto my wrists and silenced me with a large ballgag. She pushed me back onto the bed face up. My penis was pointing to true north like a compass needle. Ona took the opportunity to

lean over and lightly lick, then kiss the head and stated, “I’ll deal with you in a moment”. She tied my booted ankles together with a piece of strong cord and tied that off to the footboard.

Ona put one of our favorite bondage DVDs featuring Kelsie Chambers into the player at the foot of the bed. I lay securely trussed while Ona manipulated my penis with her gloved hands, cherry lips, full breasts and booted feet. She eventually produced a small satchel from beneath the bed and slowly extracted an exotic-looking penis pump from the bag. I suppose my eyes must have grown in a look of surprise as Ona deftly gauged my reaction with a sly smile. She expertly stroked the head of my already erect member and slid the pump over the shaft.

The device had an external handle attached by a vacuum hose. Ona alternately squeezed the handle slowly and evenly, then rapidly and forcefully to extract the most vivid reactions from my subdued penis. At the same time this was going on, Ona applied a small suction tube to my swollen ball-sack and worked on that as well. She brought me to the brink of orgasm on several occasions, but denied my release each time.

Finally Ona removed the pump from my sensitive package, then mounted and rode me until we both achieved a vigorous, shaking orgasm. Ona proudly wiped me down like a prize stallion after a spirited workout. We lay together for a short time and Ona caressed me while softly whispering some of the most obscene remarks in my ear using that ultra sultry European voice of hers.

I was still handcuffed and would remain so for the duration. Ona led me to the bathroom and commanded me to stay still until she returned. When she did I was made to kneel across the bathtub. Ona removed my ballgag, but before I could speak she inserted an enema tube into my mouth and commanded me in her sultry, authoritative voice, “Start sucking”. I did as I was told and soon a warm stream of liquid began filling my mouth. She removed the tube from my mouth and inserted it into my anal canal and gave me a smack on the ass for good measure. Ona replaced the ballgag, and I accepted the enema and the accompanying ‘reach-around’ without protest. Next, Ona placed me on the toilet backwards, with my face to the wall. I expelled the enema fluid and was told to stand.

Ona led me back to the bedroom where I was again placed face-up on the bed. Ona powdered my genitals like a newborn, and to complete the effect she fitted me with an adult diaper. She fixed me with a leather blindfold that was secured using several straps.

Ona gently raised my head, removed the gag, and slipped a tablet into my mouth. She held a glass of water to my lips and told me to drink and swallow. “Aren’t you curious as to what you’ve just taken?” Ona asked coyly. I did not give her the satisfaction of responding. “Well” she continued, (her tone clearly betraying her annoyance at my silence) “I intend to administer regular doses of Viagra throughout the weekend…to keep you ‘up’”. I suspected she was bluffing, and when I didn’t react Ona responded with a deep and devilish laugh. “You’ll need the stimulus eventually my love, as you won’t be allowed sleep”, she stated while replacing the ballgag.

I lay still, practicing some deep-breathing exercises to calm my frayed nerves. Ona made meaningless small talk while toying with and teasing my bound form. Eventually she tore the diaper from me exclaiming, “That wasn’t as much fun as I thought it would be”. “Speak for yourself sweetheart” was all I could think to mumble through the gag. The Viagra started kicking-in and my first impulse was to try and fight off the effects of the drug by diverting my thoughts from sexual gratification. I was trying to defend myself against both the wonders of modern medical science, and the amazing sexual ability of a European super-vixen. My best efforts stood no chance as she brought me off while simultaneously riding my dick and squeezing my balls…this woman was a sex monster!

Ona sat beside me on the bed and made more small talk while massaging and biting my nipples, and occasionally running a finger up my ass-shaft. She again blotted the sweat from my body as I lay panting and exhausted. In time Ona sprang up from the bed and announced, “It’s time to get you ready for the main event”. I could only imagine what she meant, but I was completely surprised at the ultimate pay-off.

Ona washed the powder from my genitalia with a very cold washcloth. The effect was exhilarating! She finished by wrapping my icy, shrunken penis in the cold cloth and spritzing me down with her favorite au de toilet. She passed on the obvious opportunity to humiliate me while my member was somewhat lacking. Perhaps she realized such mind-tricks do not work with me.

After Ona had me cleaned up she pulled my Walkman headphones over my ears. Before she turned on the music, effectively deafening me, Ona allowed me to hear her place a call on her cell phone. I obviously don’t know who she called, and all I heard her say was, “You may come over now, I have prepared him for you”. My mind was already racing when my ears were filled with the rich sounds of the local jazz station.


After several minutes Ona placed a clip onto my nose, and since I was still gagged I started resisting violently, in a semi-panic. Breath control had never been a large part of our bondage play and the effect was quite startling. She began gently caressing me and telling me to calm down and obey her. I settled as best I could under the circumstances. Ona turned the volume of the radio down and told me that she was going to give me another dose of Viagra so that I would be all the more ready for the main event. She

removed my ballgag and forced the pill into my mouth. Next, she poured a sip of water into my mouth then firmly clamped her hand across my lips, forcing me to swallow. “Good boy” she said, and gave my penis a quick fluff. Ona replaced the ballgag and began rubbing my nipples. The music again grew louder as she turned up the volume of the Walkman.

Of course Ona would never reveal who she had recruited to act as her accomplice. It was a brilliant play on her part! Naturally we had invited other attractive women to participate in our vibrant sex lives, but never in a bondage setting. I was left to fantasize regarding who was about to enter the experience. Was it another design professional? I’d met several of Ona’s associates over the months and would love to have a go at some of them. Maybe Ona’s sister was going to be the surprise. She was in town for a visit and I’d brought up the subject of her participation with Ona in the past. Magdalena was two years younger than Ona and was an absolutely gorgeous woman. There was a very real possibility that the mysterious third would be someone totally unknown to me. This was in many ways the most exciting and most frightening thought for me.

I lay back on the bed in my helpless condition and tried some deep breathing exercises in an attempt to relax. After what seemed an eternity I felt the familiar form of Ona’s body settle next to me on the bed. She removed the Walkman and whispered “show time” in my ear in the seductive European voice.

I was fitted with a wide leather collar with a steel ring attached. A leash was clipped on and I was hauled roughly to my feet and marched through the house and down to the basement. The women took special care to guide me since I was still blindfolded…to their credit. Once in the basement the leash was secured to a nail on an overhead rafter, immobilizing my head. A rope was passed around the handcuffs and also pulled up and secured above me. I was firmly subdued in this standing position.

“Now remember darling, no speaking” Ona instructed her accomplice. The two began kissing and giggling. Goddamn , I wanted to see this!

My penis was at full attention by this time and was teased every few moments by a strange hand. I had finally ‘met’ my new, if temporary, partner.

Suddenly, the third perched herself on my erect member. This hottie was already warm, tight and wet! What a sensation! She began slowly gyrating and moaning softly under her breath. “That’s enough for now” came Ona’s stern voice from across the room. Ms. ‘X’ moved off of me and I heard the click of stiletto heels moving away from me. I heard conspiratorial whispering at the far end of the room, finished-off by devlish laughter.

Ms. ‘X’ settled on her knees in front of me. She tickled my balls with some expert flicking of her moist tongue. Next, she gathered me in her gloved hands and gave me a rugged dick-slapping, with vigorous attention to the head of the shaft. Delightful!


I was not being allowed intercourse with our visitor. Ona moved near to me and slackened both the rope holding my hands and the leash restraining my neck. I was made to kneel. I could tell that a chair was placed in front of me, and that Ms. ‘X’ sat down. She cupped my balls in one gloved hand and squeezed a generous amount of scented oil all over my genitals with the other. Ms. ‘X’ slathered the oil all over my aching member, presumably to reduce friction because next she went at my rod like a Girl Scout trying to

start a camp fire! After she thoroughly worked me over and had my ‘full attention’, a booted foot made contact with my genitals. Ms. ‘X’ began working my ‘twig-and-berries’ with one, then both boots. When I was at my wits end, Ona kneeled beside me and took control of the situation. She took my penis in a familiar grip and brought me off in a shuddering climax all over Ms. ‘X’s’ boots. I was completely spent and collapsed across her lap.

I was eased onto the floor and Ona stepped around me. “Thank you darling. I’ll be in touch with you soon” I heard her say to her collaborator. Ms. ‘X’ slowly rose to her feet and left the room, stepping over me like the wasted hulk that I was.

“I hope you enjoyed the surprise” Ona said to me as she began undoing all the various fetters that kept me bound. I didn’t reply, but from my silence she knew that I was completely fulfilled.

We always wait one week before resuming our normal roles in the relationship. We do not see or speak to each other during this week. I use this time to concoct a very special rebuttal to Ona’s actions which I refuse to describe here. Suffice to say that Ona was put through her paces. My promise to her has always been that I will not seek revenge for any of her actions…but I will not allow her even the perception that she has any ultimate power over me whatsoever.

At the end of our ‘re-establishing’ session, Ona was left panting breathlessly. She was of course bound securely, but as I toweled (and licked) the sweat from her glistening body, I could just make out through her gagged lips an affectionate threat, “Wait ‘till next year”.



Just tried Roasted Garlic Hummus

Okay, so I’ve seen enough commercials about hummus being used a a chip dip. I’ve never had Hummus ever. I’ve been curious, however never went as far as to sample some.  Hummus seems to be becoming increasingly more popular as of late… or is it just me catching up with everyone else  ..?

Well anyways, yesterday while doing some shopping with my submissive for the weekend meal list, I seen this isle in the deli section with several selections of hummus. Various flavors were available for the choosing.  So I browsed the selection feeling a little brave to try something new.  Why not right? Gotta be open minded if you wanna experience the world right..?

Okay, now for truth or defeat…. or whatever you wanna call this…..

I’m hungry for a snack, tortilla chips & dip sound wonderful… the only dip available is this hummus I bought yesterday.. well besides the wife’s french onion, & I’m not touching that… there’s just some things that are her little treats, so she’s a bit protective of her privileges… *Grinz*

Out comes the hummus…

I open it up….. take a lightly inhaled wiff….. Hmm not bad. It’s the roasted garlic flavor.

( yes I love garlic )

I take a tortilla chip & take a moderately portioned dip into the unknown.. this hummus…

A bite…. some chewing and tasting……

Well fuck me !

It’s fucking delicious!

The submissive watching me chomp away at the tortilla & hummus dip..

a smart ass comment …oozes from her pretty fuckin lips…

“You have some white shit all around your lips”

Yep, she’s brave isnt she. But thats okay…. I got some white shit for her too….

Is’nt it fucking amazing how this started with trying out some fuckin hummus, & turns into my dick getting hard by talking about white shit around her lips…..