The signs of slavery & Ownership

I must say, reading this, almost literally seeing his emotion as he wrote..
We can see the realness which he feels.

Male or female…. … a sub/slave could most likely be able to relate.


The signs of slavery and ownership

The outward signs of my servitude are many. i wear what Mistress has decreed under my outdoor clothes. She requires me to wear my collar, my nipple clamps, the chastity, tights and tight pants, and ankle chains. But which of them signal that i am a slave.

Nipple clamps are there to enlarge the nipples for pleasure, Hers and mine. Wearing a male chastity device does not signal i am a slave, for many other men wear them who are not in a slave relationship. Of course mine is slightly different as it has my slave name on it, and the legend, Slave of Mistress….. which shows my state. Others who like cross dressing may wear tights and pants, so that which i do to respond to Mistress’s orders is not a sign specifically of my slavery.

I started in slavery with a Mistress…

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One response to “The signs of slavery & Ownership

  1. Domsirpaul, thank you for your comment and ohh it’s very real.
    At the end of the summer, I’m producing a book full of my experiences and life from the development of a slave to where life is now.

    Again, I’m glad you felt my feelings from my post.


    Life slave

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